Why Vote Frank Dunn


I get it Done.  Look at my track record.  When I first came to Tribal Foods.  We had Covid and I went after grant funding and wrote grants to secure over five million dollars.  I always see the glass half full and see obstacles as opportunities.  When I first moved here, people told me that it would take ten to fifteen years to get a house built. I went through the process, when I saw it wasn’t getting done -I did it myself.  I rented an excavator and started clear the land myself. EBCI Infrastructure came to the rescue and finished it.

Additionally, I helped my two sons secure land and build their homes here on the Qualla boundary within a year.  One of those sons had bad credit and the other I helped him build credit and both enrolled member son’s were able to secure a bank loans.  I was a strong steward of the per cap monies given to me from the hard work and sacrifices of our ancestors and used it as an opportunity to use for seed money for business ventures.  I now have a successful business because of it.