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Who Am I: My values include: God, family, education, and health. God is first in everything I do. My family is important because they are with me to the very end and relationships are important to me. I value education in furthering oneself and finding something you are passionate about. And last but most important, I can’t do any of these if I do not take care of my health.

“Git-R-Dunn”: I get it Done. Look at my track record. When I first came to Tribal Foods. We had Covid and I went after grant funding and wrote a grant to secure over five million dollars. I always see the glass half full and see obstacles as opportunities. When I first moved here, people told me that it would take ten to fifteen years to get a house built. I went through the process when I saw it wasn’t getting done I did it myself. I rented an excavator and started to clear the land myself. EBCI Infrastructure came to the rescue and finished it.

Additionally, I helped my two sons secure land and build their homes here on the Qualla boundary within a year. One of those sons had bad credit and the other I helped him build credit and he was able to secure a bank loan. I was a strong steward of the per cap monies given to me from the hard work and sacrifices of our ancestors and used it as an opportunity to use for seed money for business ventures. I now have a successful business because of it.


What does Git-R-Dunn mean to me: It is a lens for me to use as a way to serve as the wolftown council member.

G is for God, God is first in all that I do.

I is for integrity, I am honest and implement strong moral principles.

T is for transparency, I believe in being an open book both personally and in my work. I believe that our tribal government should be an open book as well.

R is for Reliability, I believe that your word means everything, when you say your going to do something follow through and git r Dunn.

D is for diversify, in business we need to have a wide range of business adventures. You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket.

U is for understanding, I listen and draw on other people’s strengths and see where other people are coming from because everyone has a perspective with gifts to offer.

N is for Native, to me it means sovereignty, culture, language, and keeping our arts alive.

N is for Needs, we all have wants and needs, it is important for us to address the needs first. This means food sovereignty, housing, safety, and healthcare to name a few.



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